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This podcast is a forum for discussion about diseases that affects various group of individual. it is about education, enlightenment and embracing the knowledge of God and the power of prayer.We will be bring new topics every day finding ways of treatment and management and as well finding solutions to the problems.We will acknoledge those who contribute immensely to make positive changes in peoples lives and in the same way follow in their footsteps.This podcast is dedicated to cancer people who cannot get any help and has no provision of any functioning healthcare facility.Lastly, we surrender ourselves to the will of God in gratitude for our own good

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Sister (Rev.)

My name is Ihechi F. Ajuzie. I am  a nurse, a lawyer, a life coach a humanitarian, a Podcaster. I live in the U.K. as a single religious woman. My life and passion is that of prayer, education, love and service to humanity. This podcast is not for personal profit but for service to the underprivileged people in rural communities in Africa. I have the vision that history will be re-written that a new Africa will emerge and the world will be at peace again. I want to see African men and women rise to be selfless and eliminate poverty. I want to use this platform to generate action minded people, conscientious leaders with conscience and accountability with a clear vision to build and promote a new US a new generation. It is time to delete our doubts, be bold and fearless in decision in other to achieve greatness.  In addition, This platform is forum for education and enlightenment to people who are still ignorant to develop their mindset to growth, wealth and prosperity.

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Disease-less is built to serve people who are poor to eliminate poverty. How do we achieve this? One way is looking into healthcare system, through establishing a functioning healthcare facility for people suffering from cancer and different kinds of diseases in rural communities in Africa . It serves to educate and enlighten the minds of zillions who are still illiterate and ignorant in so many ways and in so doing shift beliefs which are debilitating, creates health, wealth, growth and development in individuals as well as in communal lives. Let’s rise above poverty build a new Africa and make poverty history once and for all. This Podcast provides Peace, Grace and Gratitude.

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